Fortunate World

Welcome to my little website.

Needing to contact me? Or fetch my vCard.

I’m John Drinkwater, a 29 year old from Winchcombe, Glos, UK who looks like this Online.

If you’ve come here to stalk me, you can view my webcam here if it is running. Maybe not? OK, so you want some serious stuff…

I’m a web standards activist, Android developer, and blogger who also works as a dry-stone waller part-time. If you want some lovely degradable js/css/html5 work produced, email me.

I might have written a signed and/or encrypted email to you, if so you would probably like my public PGP key, get it here.

I intend to write some articles and some presentations whenever I get around to it, but for now you’ll just have to stare at a few examples and read my blog.

  • Is a big Standards advocate.
  • Is a bigger Web Standards advocate, and Champions the Open Web.
  • and an Open Source advocate.
  • Is a heavy user of Linux, Fedora and Ubuntu.
  • Is a Haiku fanatic.
  • Has a passion in gaming, starting with DOS, to Windows and N64/Dreamcast/GameCube, to Linux and PS3 games, and has a collection of over 500 to his name.
  • Has listed all his computer systems specs on the site.

Is currently working on this website generator, Hydden so please excuse the tag soup ;)