Humans.txt & hostmeta

written by John Drinkwater, on

In a similar vane to robots.txt, some aspiring people have thought the best way to codify authorship of sites is placing a /humans.txt on the server, structured as just plain text…

But it’s soo under‐specced it makes me cringe. No default encoding, no format, no way to register future fields in use, a fixed file name located in the root.

We like to do things well, that is why we want to provide guidelines for a standard humans.txt, Abel Cabans defined the basic fields that you can consult here.

You are also free to add the one you want to.


Which is all well and good, until you consider there is no structure to the format, at all. I reckon I should put all my entries in humans.txt inside cowsay blocks.

I sent them a message, hopefully they’ll get back to me:

@johndrinkwater @humanstxt did you look at YAML for the format? or consider a default encoding? (UTF-8) or look into RFC5785 for file placement?


Props to Tim Bray for pointing me to the project.

@timbray "We are humans not machines": But should be /.well-known/humans.txt, see draft-hammer-hostmeta