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Contained within /examples/ are all my experiments with various things, HTML, PHP, Javascript, and the rest.

I have deliberately hidden most of the entries until I have tidied them up, but feel free to look on those that I have.

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WebGL, link
Ooooh, a new toy! This is the future, today. If only it wasn’t so fractured…
CSS, link
One of the most useful, yet annoying ‘languages’ in use on the Web, here are a few examples.
SVG, link
One of the most important standards of the future, SVG is a vector graphics language, written in XML.
FaitH, link
Various XML & HTML tests, and musings, for the online game FaitH. I’m trying to look at extensions to the game, to improve it, and bring it to where it needs to be.
Work copyrighted John Drinkwater; Graphics and english text, copyrighted
Haiku, link
Just a quick hack I put together one day to show the difference between table design and CSS.
Javascript, link
One of the most fun languages to play with, here are a few examples.