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3D is hot shit. When it’s not made by me.

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Minecraft Skin Editor, link
An attempt at combining all the good stuff in HTML5 and make it into a snazzy tool.

Of course, browsers conspire agin me with:

  • IE<8 not supporting: <canvas>, WebGL, image-border, HTML5 elements, @font-face
  • Chrome has a weird sync bug where it wont always update the skin when you load it.
  • Firefox has a similar weird sync bug if you use a different global composite mode.
  • Chrome makes the @font-face ugly.
  • Opera doesn’t do WebGL yet.
  • Chrome & Opera smooth rescaled canvas.drawImage() calls, so work around it.
  • Chrome, Opera, Firefox refuse to open local files if you’re running from file://
  • There is no API call to trigger a canvas to save image.
  • There is no universal permission request to allow tainted images to be used untainted.
  • Firefox refuses to use localStorage when run from file://
  • Think this list is long? It’s not full, expect a blog post…