Minecraft Skin Editor

Work‐in‐progress. Please send suggestions to jdrinkwater@gmail.com. Code history here, licensed AGPL where applicable.
© JD, JC, Mojang, 10×20, learningWebGL.
HTML5 demo: canvas, WebGL, localStorage.
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Minecraft Default Skin Preview

Sorry, you browser does not support WebGL. Pretend this image is rendered by your graphics card in real‐time.

Minecraft Default Skin

Sorry, your browser does not support Canvas. Which kinda makes this whole application redundant.

Save Start Again Open From Disk I’m Finished Drawing!

I think I’m ready to save…

?… to Minecraft!

…to Disk: right click this image and select Save.

While I’m the first person to complain about the needs of JavaScript for many a‐website, this is an ‘application’, it can’t run without the code being used. Please toggle NoScript, or try this in a browser that supports JavaScript.